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Holding Police Officers Accountable

Police officers are supposed to provide protection and promote peace in our community. Unfortunately, they can sometimes be the very people you need to be protected from. At Christopher C. Vader PC, we have the utmost compassion for those who were abused by the public officials who swore to serve and protect. If you were injured at the hands of law enforcement in the Palm Springs area, turn to our personal injury lawyer: Christopher Vader He can offer you seasoned legal representation forged through thousands of cases handled over his 20 years in practice.

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What is Police Misconduct?

Police misconduct is a blanket term that includes every instance when a police officer gives in to corruption or indulges in abuse. In short, it refers to when the police harm the very citizens they swore to protect. The expectation for police officers is that they will only use the force that is necessary to subdue a suspect.

You may have been a victim of excessive force if you were subjected to:

  • Beating
  • Gang tackle
  • Improper use of taser, baton, police dogs, or pepper spray
  • Unreasonable shooting
  • Excessive restraint methods
  • Sexual assault, including strip searches

However, this type of misconduct is not only physical. You may also be entitled to compensation if you were a victim of:

  • Threats or intimidation
  • Planting or fabrication of evidence
  • A coerced confession
  • Perjury

Protecting Your Constitutional Rights with Tenacity

It is an unfortunate truth that police officers can abuse their power. Whether the misconduct is due to poor training, bad judgment, or discrimination, your constitutional rights have likely been violated. You may be entitled to monetary damages to compensate for the pain and suffering you endured. The United States of America has laws in place to protect the fundamental rights of every citizen.

If yours rights were violated, it is necessary to take action.

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